After Breakdown Games Apps

Hallucinate & Optical Hypnosis 1.10
WARNING: This app produces real effects but is totally safe forhealth. However we recommend using with caution.Experience realoptical hallucinations that will change your perception of reality.Notice how the objects around you stretch or shrink with thedifferent optical illusions available or dive into a trip that willtest your resistance to hypnosis.Follow the instructions and seehow easy is to trick your brain.
Psychophony Recorder EVP Prank 1.10
Listen to the voices of the beyond with this psychophonyrecorder.Analyze your recordings to detect if there is any ghost orparanormal activity near your location.This EVP recorder willrandomly inject a voice from the beyond to your recordings. Aterrific prank for your friends.Make them believe you are a realghost hunter, a true master of parapsychology with your ultimateelectronic voice phenomenon recorder.
Ball Maze Classic 1.10
Tilt your device to guide the balls to the goal before time runsout.Square and round mazes, multiple balls and 20 challenginglevels in this classic and always fun game.
Flashlight Mania 1.10
Flashlight Mania turns your device into a flashlight easy touse.Illuminate the darkness with its ultra bright light or createyour own sirens by choosing your favorite colors and adjustingintensity and speed.Featuring multiple options:- Strobe Light,convert your phone's LED bulb into a dance club flash.- Light Off /On sound simulator.- Adjustable blink speed.- Siren Maker,simulates any emergency services such as police, ambulance orfirefighter.- Customizable colors.- 1, 2 or 4 lights in screen.-Simultaneous flashlight and siren modes.Enjoy Flashlight Mania!
VR Viewer for Cardboard Camera 1.00
Enjoy virtual reality photos with our VR Viewer for CardboardCamera.See photos like never before with your Google Cardboardviewer or any other compatible device. Take control of the scenewith all kind of adjustments and relive the moment.Supports VR jpg,panorama or 360º images and photo spheres pictures.
VaR's VR Video Player
VaR's VR Video Player is the ultimate VRplayer for virtual reality and 3D videos that gives you fullcontrol and supports all modes.Configure any parameter of our VR player with its intuitive UI andget the most immersive virtual reality experience.Featuring:- Perfect head tracking response, enjoy a true VR experience withreal time movements.- Control all display parameters, eye distance, lens correction,field of view (zoom), brightness, saturation, contrast or seekvideo position.- Support for all modes, including: Stereoscopic side by side,stacked, 180º and 360º, panorama 180º or 360º and of course, normalvideos.- VR Controls. Change any setting by looking to it in an immersiveway.- In-app browser with thumbnail generation for video preview.- Supports all formats, including full HD mp4 videos.- Subtitles support. Auto detect .srt files when they have samename than video file or browse for a specific one.- Network playing (http or LAN). Select any file with your browseror favorite file explorer and open it with VaR's VR VideoPlayer.- Reset view option. Recenter camera to your current lookingdirection, a perfect way to watch movies no matter yourposition.- Static and float modes for non spherical videos. Watch videoslike a VR Cinema or without head tracking.INFO: Google Cardboard or compatible Virtual Reality headset isrequired for an optimal experience.
Strobe Light Programmable 1.40
Be the king of the party with the first programmable strobelight.Design your own strobe light sequence easily by activating /deactivating buttons and adjust the speed moving the slider.Get thesame effect of a disco flash light with the camera's led of yourdevice adjusting the pattern with music beat.Combine the strobelight by reproducing any mp3 file in your music player and feellike being at the disco.
Pill Man 3D 1.1
Much more than a dot eating game: bombs, mines, fun game modes andpills with special powers!Destroy ghosts, beat your rivals or playthe classic eat all dots in Pill Man 3D.Different mazes and ghosts,2 control modes, 3 camera angles and power-ups like flash speed andsuper size!
RC Car Simulator 1.08
Drive your own RC car with this realistic 3D simulator.Includeseditor to build your own tracks with different types of ramps,loops, cones, boxes and other obstacles!Combine blocks and createunique ramps to perform spectacular jumps, crash with things orimprove your driving skills.Controls and physics have beencarefully crafted to simulate a real radio control car.- 2 controlmodes.- Trophy Mode: Beat the clock in 10 challenging levels. Canyou get the gold medal in all of them?- Awesome in-game replaysystem.- Watch and share replays with other players.- Adjustablecamera zoom.- Quality settings for better performance.Do you wantmore features? Send us your suggestions!
Crazy Shooting Range 1.20
Hold the gun and get ready to shoot in varied shooting events.Destroy dolls, shoot anvils hanging from a rope, explode balloonswith bullets or nail down arrows in an apple.Use different weaponslike pistol, machine gun, shotgun or bow to complete thelevels.Includes graphic and sound effects carefully designedaccording to target's surface.Enjoy shooting games with CrazyShooting Range
The Equilibrist Tightrope Sim 1.10
Take the walk of your life feeling the tension of the rope underyour feet and the vertigo of the void in your head.The Equilibristis a breathtaking tightrope simulator that puts you directly intoone of the most dangerous activities known. Just hold your breathand start the walk over the skies!From a training room to a walkover the clouds, The Equilibrist will take you to the most diverselocations.Enjoy an amazing replay system: review your walk, look tospectacular falls or share your best moments with yourfriends.Overcome your vertigo feelings, beat your best time and bethe best equilibrist on earth with the ultimate tightropesimulation.
Voxel Racing - Online Rivals 1.10
Feel the fever of arcade classic races with Voxel Racing.Addictivemultiplayer gameplay with up to 4 players racing in real time.Compete in 8 different tracks to beat your best time and set a newworld record or be the number 1 by beating all your rivals.Inviteyour friends to play online or search for rivals to join a quickgame for instant fun.With intuitive controls, Voxel Racing is easyto play.Download now and enjoy thrilling multiplayer races with anarcade classic taste!
Block & Block 1.00
In Block and Block there's no time to breath, return back the blockand beat your opponent.With lots of levels and a smart AI, thingswill get tougher.Easy to play, swipe to move your block and adjustthe speed and direction of the shot by improving your technique.Thegoal is simple, get 10 points before your rival.Sounds good? Playsome levels, if you dare...
Crazy Trolls - Roulette Jump 1.02
The Crazy Trolls are tiny and sometimes a little bit annoyingcreatures that love having fun, no matter the cost! And theyrecently discovered a new place to fullfil this endless thirst forfun: a giant roulette !!Your mission: put an end to this plague!However, the unstoppable flood of crazy trolls will try to take theroulette over and bother you as much as possible! So, kick theira**** out of there and show them some respect towardshumankind.Play in 20 different levels plus a survival-endless mode.In this mode, you will prove your reflexes and concetration skillsto get the maximum score against other players! Will you be the onewho will control the crazy troll plague better than anyone else inthe world? Prove yourself and help us to start cleaning our worldnow!Tomorrow could be worst! :-/
Ruler Blueprint - Cm & Inches 1.00
Ruler Blueprint, a handy ruler easy to use with support for metricand imperial units.Measure any thing with your device placing itover the screen and dragging lines. Its calculation system willgive you a precise measurement.Compatible with all devices, you canmanually configure it in case your device doesn't provide accurateinformation.Ruler Blueprint can show sizes in cm or inches and withits techy style your device will be the cooler ruler intown.Calculate any size right now by converting your phone ortablet into a handy ruler.
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