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Virtual tours of landmarks from Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria,Morocco, Kuwait, Yemen, Macedonia, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy,Greece and Space. Examine the marvels of Islamic architecture,visit mosques, tombs, palaces of sultans, museums, inns, baths,castles, towers, old houses, squares, parks, nature, religioussites, ancient cities, space and other places with more than athousand 360 degree panoramic images in high quality. Go up theEiffel tower, go inside the Egyptian Pyramids and even visit Mars!You will feel as if you are there... No gyroscope or compassneeded! BONUS: You can now use this app to setup your viewer forall other VR apps too! It has an integrated QR code scanner andeven corrects for wrong screen-size issues. Normally, people willuse Google's "Cardboard" app to setup their viewer. But if yourphone does not have a gyroscope, "Cardboard" app can't beinstalled. In that case this app is the only alternative you haveto setup your viewer! Even if you don't have a QR code, you cansetup your viewer by using one of the many viewer presets. Viewerpresets are available for these viewers: Google Cardboard &Daydream View (version 1 and 2), Gear VR, VRIZZMO Revolt, DCSVR (IAm Cardboard), Homido (mini), Ant VR, Go4D C1-Glass, Small Mojing,VR fold, Wearality Sky, Durovis Dive 5, VR BOX, Baofeng Storm II,ColorCross VR, Nibiru/Soyan/..., Geeach and Ritech 3D. If there isno preset for your viewer, or you simply want to improve theperceived quality, you can use the unique VR settings option. Youcan make corrections on the eye separation, vertical center, screento lens distance, barrel distortion, chromatic aberration and fieldof view. 3D Panoramas: Normal panoramas are projected on a distantsphere. This makes them easier for the eyes to watch. On the otherhand, stereoscopic panoramas are much more realistic. If watching astereoscopic panorama makes you feel dizzy, you can turn offstereoscopic mode form the settings. No stitching errors: Utmostcare is given to produce panoramas without stitching errors. Evenwhen you look to the ground, where normally the tripod stand, youwill not see any errors. This is also true for the manystereoscopic (3D) panoramas. Many will not know this but producingan error-free stereoscopic panorama of a real-life scene (notrendered), that feels right when you look at it... is very hard!Countless hours are put into making these. Note on "Gear VR": Youhave to pull up the USB connector and clamp the phone underneath.Don't connect the USB port as that would automatically switch thephone to the Oculus menu. Tips: - Move your mobile device aroundand see the environment as if you were holding a camera. - You canuse your fingers to pan around or zoom in- and out. - Tap thescreen to see the hotspots (if any). Tapping the hotspots will moveyou to that location. - To prevent screen rotation keep your fingeron the screen while turning the device. - When in VR mode in aplace, look down to exit. - When in VR mode, if the scene isturning by itself, leave the device on the table for about 30seconds. This will trigger auto-calibration of the gyroscopesensor.
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