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Visual Memory Improvement Game – Brain Exercise 1.4.2
Train memory to improve concentration & cognitive function withVisual Memory Improvement Game – Brain Exercise! This is a FREEgame where you can have fun and train your brain easily. It’s veryeasy to play but hard to master: simply tap the last generatedcircle of various colors. This simple activity will improve yourneural processes and your neuron health. Try it! Train memorynow!Our cognitive functions and neurons can decline if we don’ttrain them regularly. However, most of the times, we are tooexhausted to train our brain in lengthy sessions. It’s better touse a fun and simple games to stimulate our neural processes andimprove concentration & short term memory. This Visual MemoryImprovement Game is very simple to play and doesn’t require you tomemorize lengthy rules. You only need to tap on the last generatedcircles. You can play as long as you can but once you tap the wrongcircle, it is GAME OVER and you have to start again. Sounds easy?At the beginning, it’s very easy to do but when the screen iscrowded with too many circles the game starts to be challenging.=================================================TOP FEATURES OFVISUAL MEMORY IMPROVEMENT GAME:================================================= * Download andenjoy our game for FREE * Simply tap on the last generated. *circle * Simple concept, hard to master * Minimalist and colorfulgame design. * Improve concentration and neurons * Stimulate neuralprocesses through simple activity * Train memory fastAs you playmore and train your brain more, you will realize that your shortterm memory gets better. Keep playing and you will feel yourcognitive function has improved. Brain and memory training shouldbe fun so start playing our memory game now!
Easy Simple Timer Stopwatch & Time Counter 1.0
Easy Simple Timer Stopwatch & Time Counter is a timer digitalapp with a clean and minimalist design. You can customize the clockface and the background color for better visibility or simplybetter look.We all need a simple timer and stop watch app foreveryday use. We use it when we exercise, cooking, coding,studying, and other things as well. It will be nice to have asimple timer digital app with a clean minimalist design thatfocuses on the function, but customizable enough so we canpersonalize it with our favorite color. This is why we create EasySimple Timer Stopwatch & Time Counter for you. === HOW TO USEEASY SIMPLE TIMER STOPWATCH & TIME COUNTER: === 1. Open our appand you can immediately use the stop watch function by pressingStart. 2. To switch between the stop watch function and the clocktimer function, simply tap on the clock timer icon on the upperleft side of the screen. 3. Set the countdowntimer. 4. Press Startto begin the countdowntimer. 5. To change the clock timer faceshape, tap on the first icon on the upper left side of the screen6. Tap on the pain pallet icon to change the background color. 7.You can also share this cool clock timer app with your friends! 8.There is also a button to rate your experience in using thiscountdowntimer. So, what are you waiting for? Get this Easy TimerDigital app for your Android phone and enjoy using our cool app!---
Logo Quiz: Guess the Logo (General Knowledge) 1.4.3
It’s now the time to challenge your general knowledge and guess thelogos with family and friends to find out who knows more aboutfamous brands and their logos all around the world. So, if you areinto such free trivia games and looking for an ultimate logo quizapp, you’ve come to the right place. The Logo Quiz is full of logosfrom different companies and brands worldwide including localbrands in the United States and Canada. Download this picture quizapp for free, start guessing the logo names by just putting theletters in the correct order and see how many logos you canrecognize. As you move forward and guess more logos in this freepicture logo quiz game, more difficult logos come in your way andwhenever you feel you are stuck in a level, make sure to useavailable hints and clues. Logo Quiz: Guess The Logo Main Featuresat a Glance: ⚫ Clean and neat design with fresh and intuitiveinterface. ⚫ Rich database of logos worldwide ⚫ Guess the logo offamous companies and local brands ⚫ Compete with family and friends⚫ Recognize and guess more logos to unlock new levels ⚫ Uses hintsand clues in difficult levels ⚫ Fun for all ages to challenge yourgeneral knowledge ⚫ Free So, Logo Quiz delivers everything youshould expect from such trivia and general knowledge games and iteven sets the bar to a higher level by offering clean and easy tonavigate interface, wide range of logos to guess, leaderboardfeature, spend coins to get hints and clues, and a lot more.Download Logo Quiz for free and let us know about any bugs,questions, feature requests or any other suggestions.
com.netiapps.centerbus 1.2.1
סנטר באס הינה חברת אוטובוסים אשר הוקמה בשנת 2014. מטרת החברה היאלתת מענה לציבור בירושלים ולפתור את בעיית ההגעה למוקדי הבילוי באזורמרכז הארץ מאחר והתחבורה הציבורית אינה פעילה בסופי שבוע. עיקר פעילותהחברה מתבצע בימי חמישי ושישי לצד פעילות במועדים נוספים בהם התחבורההציבורית אינה פעילה. מתלבטים מי יהיה הנהג תורן ביציאה הבאה? איןצורך.. אנחנו כאן בשבילכם. נתראה בהסעה !לכל שאלה פנו אלינו בפייסבוק: Buss is a bus companywhich was established in 2014. The company's goal is to address thepublic in Jerusalem and solving the problem of arrivalentertainment centers in central Israel because publictransportation does not operate on weekends. The main activity ofthe company is carried out on Thursday and Friday alongside otheractivities at the times where public transport is not active.Debating who will be the next port driver on call? No need .. Weare here for you. See you in transportation!Any question pleasecontact us on Facebook: Https://
Sudoku 1.1.5
✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸ Get yourself ready to acceptthe challenge of this classic puzzle game! Download Sudoku, one ofthe best Sudoku free logic puzzle game available on Google Play. Doyou like numbers puzzle or brain games? Are you looking for aclassic puzzle game for your device? The there is no better placethan Sudoku. With super Sudoku game-play and simple but attractivegraphics, it’s a must-have game on your device if you like playinglogic puzzle games. This number place game contains a hugecollection of Sudoku puzzles. It has several thrilling Sudokumaster levels to challenge your brain games skills. There are 5difficulty levels available in the game to choose from: Very Easy:Perfect for beginners, take your start and try to get used to thisnumbers puzzle. Once you get used to it, move to Easy. Medium isdesigned for the players who want their game not that difficultyet. To play the Hard levels, you’ll need some good brain gamesskills and finally, if you think yourself a Sudoku master, come trythe Insane levels. Key Features: • Universal app works best on anyAndroid device including tabs • Clean UI and simple graphics used •Sudoku classic puzzle game play • Leaderboard for high scoresavailable • 5 difficulty levels, choose from very easy, easy,medium, hard and insane • Auto save and resume option • The app isfree to download and install Interested in the thrill and theexcitement of this amazing number place Sudoku free game? Sudokuoffers you just that. A pure brain games experience packed withclassic puzzle game play and simple graphics. Get yourself ready tobeat the insane levels and prove yourself the best Sudoku playerthe world has ever seen. It’s a must have game on your device ifyou like Sudoku master or numbers puzzle games. Download Sudokuright now and have some brain workout! ✸ Please don’t forget toleave us a rating and review to let us know what you think aboutthe game. We always want to continue to deliver some of the bestand most fun games for your Android devices and your feedback isvery important for us.
האתגר הקר 1.0
בואו לגלות....Let's find out ....
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