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SmartShopper Malaysia 4.0.8
Blue Tangents
WHERE TO SHOP TODAY?Helping MORE THAN 500,000 Malaysians to savemoney since 2013 by planning groceries shopping smarter** Oneminute a month, that's all it takes to easily save RM100!Couple ofclicks and you'll be ready to save back on spending every time yougo grocery shopping** Savings decision made easy!Identify productsyou intend to shop, sit back and let our Savings Planner functionadvise you the best retailer that saves you most today: Where ToShop Today?** Reliable with extensive popular products andretailers covered! Expect to see promotion price informationfor:All popular grocery products, spanning across categories frombaby milk powders, diapers, food, drinks, personal care toiletries,household care products etc.Tesco, Giant, Aeon, Aeon Big, Econsave,Mydin, The Store / Pacific, Watsons, Guardian, Caring ... justnaming a few and online retailers too. Easily many retailers nearyou to be compared to decide: Where To Shop Today?Every time youthink of grocery shopping = think SmartShopper to ensure you tosave, Save, SAVE! Because wasting money when SmartShopper alreadymade it so easy to save, is .... ahem... not very smart (yes, beingpolite here)
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