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Rules of the game Svara ( Svarka ) Svara ( Svarka ) is a card gamethat is played with a deck of 32 cards - from 7 to Ace . Theminimum number of players is two . The total number of combinationsin the game is 4960 Rules ------------- Each player is dealt threecards in a clockwise direction . Each card combination has aspecific numerical value. Winner is the player with highest points.The value of the points is calculated by the following rules: 1)Each card from 7 to 9 give 7 to 9 points respectivly. 2 ) The cards10 , J, Q, K and give 10 points. 3 ) Aces give 11 points . 4 ) Thecards of the same color have as many points as their sum . Forinstance : Q ♦, K ♦ 10 ♠ give a total of 20 points and 10 ♠, 8 ♠ K♥ give a total of 18 points ; 5 ) Aces can be combined regardlessof the color that is to say two ace are 22 points , three are 33points 6) 7 ♣ is called " Ceco Jonchev , Chechak , Chotora , Shpokaor Yoncho " and can be combined with all other cards for 11 points. 8 ) Three of a 7 gives 34 points and this is the strongestcombination in the game. 9) Three of a kind combinations arecarrying as many points as the lead card. For example , three of 8bring 24 copies / 3x8 = 24 / : three of Q give 30 points / 3x10 =30 / etc examples -------------- 7 ♥, 9 ♦ 9 ♣ give a total of 9points (this is the worst hand ) ; 10 ♠, 10 ♦ 10 ♣ give a total of30 points ; 8 ♣, K ♥ 9 ♦ give a total of 10 points ; K ♥, 9 ♥ Q ♣give a total of 19 points ; Q ♣, Q ♥ 9 ♦ give a total of 10 points; A ♠, A ♦ 10 ♣ givea total of 22 points ; 8 ♠, A ♦ 7 ♣ givea totalof 22 points ; 10 ♦, 9 ♦ J ♦ give a total of 29 points ; Q ♣, Q ♥ Q♦ give a total of 30 points ; 7 ♣, K ♥ K ♦ give a total of 31points ; 7 ♣, A ♥ A ♦ give a total of 33 points ; Two of 7 nomatter the suits give a total of 23 points ; Betting --------------1 ) Before the cards are dealt to the players each player bets acertain amount called ante; 2 ) Player that is located left to thedealer make his anounces. Before seeing his cards he is allowed tobet a certain amount called blind bet; 3 ) If a player make a blindbet, the next player to his left has the option to double the blindbet; 4 ) If a player skips the blind bet the next player is notallowed to make new blind bet; (Blind bets are optional) 5 ) Afterthe cards are dealt to the players they make their bets; 6 ) Ifthere is a blind bet, the next player should at least double thebet; 7 ) If the player that made the blind bet wnats to see thecards of the other players he must pay the bet. 8 ) If there is ablind bet and no one pay it, the winner is the player that made thelast blind bet; 9 ) The game wins the players with highest points;10 ) If there is no blind bet and no other player makes a bet thewinner is the dealer; 11) If two or more players have the samenumber of points we have SVARA; 12) SVARA is a new game thatincludes all the bets from the previous game; 13) Any player isallowed to join the SVARA after he pay the SVARA join amount.
Belot 11.0.60
Belot multiplayer game - bridge belote Bridge-belote, belote orbelot is a popular card game. Belot is played by four people ( 2teams of 2 players) with a deck of 32 cards. They are the Kings(K),Queens(Q), Jacks(J), Aces(A), Tens(10), Nines(9), Eights(8) andSevens(7). All four colours are used - Spade, Diamond, Hearts andClubs . About bids and contracts in belot : The lowest bid is'Spade'♣ ,'Diamond'♦ is higher than 'Spade', 'Hearts'♥ is higherthan 'Diamond', 'Clubs'♠ is the highest of all colours. After thatcomes 'Not Trump'. The highest possible bid is 'All Trump' Thefirst team to reach 151 points is the winner.
Belote Online Multiplayer 11.0.46
How to play Belote----------------------Aim of thegame:===========================Belote Multiplayer presents classicBelote.Belote is played with 32 cards: The 7s, 8s, 9s, 10s, Jacks,Queens, Kings and Aces.In order to play, 2 teams of 2 players areneeded.In each game, there are several rounds. During each round, ateam needs to score 82 points to complete the “contract”.The aim ofthe game: is to be the first team to reach 500 points.The game iscomprised of 2 parts: the pass/accept and the trick.Step 1:Pass/AcceptThe game begins with the distribution of 5 cards to eachplayer. A card is then placed in the middle: this is the proposedtrump.Each player, in the same order as the cards were dealt, mayeither pass, or accept the card if the color is of interest. It isrecommended that you pass the card if you do not possess any of the3 master cards of the trump suit in your game: the Jack, 9 orAce.If nobody takes it, the card goes round a second time, and eachplayer is able to select their trump suit. If after a second time,nobody has taken the card, all cards are redistributed. As soon asa player takes the card, this determines the trump suit (Diamonds,Hearts, Spades or Clubs). Once a player takes the card from thecenter, the rest of the cards are distributed.Each player has 8cards in total: the game may begin!Step 2: The TrickTo begin, thetrump suit must be distinguished from the other suits.This is thesuit that will dominate the other 3 in a round.The difference isseen in the value of the cards.For the Trumps, the Jack is worth20pts, the 9 = 14pts, the Ace =11pts, the 10 = 10pts, the King =4pts, & the Queen = 3pts. The 8 and the 7 score 0 points.Forthe other suits: the Ace is worth 11pts, the 10 = 10pts, the King =4pts, the Queen = 3pts, & the Jack = 2pts. The 9, 8 and 7 score0 points.Each player places a card in turn following the dominantsuit or by using a trump card if they do not have a card of thesuit being played. The highest scoring card wins the trick. Thisplayer then plays the first card of the next trick.If the playerhas neither a card of the suit or a trump, they can play any cardof their choice regardless of suit.A player must place a trump cardhigher than that played (except if they do not possess a highercard or their team-mate is currently winning the trick).When yourteam-mate is winning the trick, you can place down any card (exceptif the suit played is the trump).Step 3: ScoringThe round ends onceall cards have been played. The points of each team are thencounted to determine who wins the round.The team who chooses thetrump must score at least 82 points.If the target is not met, theopposing team scores 162 points.If a team wins all of the tricks ina round, they score a bonus of 250 points.When a player has theKing and the Queen of trumps in their game, they may place them inany order they wish, and score 20 points: this is called Belote andRebelote.In the case of Belote-ReBelote, the 20 points won do notcount towards the “contract” for the winning team (these arecounted in addition, if 82 points are scored). These 20 points arelost if the team loses the round.
Play Santase Online with your friends. Santase (or Sixty six) isvery popular card game for two players. The goal of the game is tobe the first player to score 66 points. if neither player scores 66points, the player who take the final card wins. In the game wehave only 24 cards ( from 9's to Aces) . Each player get six cardsand we flip over one card which is the trump suite Playing Oneplayer plays a card, then the other player plays a card. High cardof the same suit takes the cards. Aces are high. Alternatively, anycard of the trump suit takes any card of another suit. Each playerthen draws one card from the remaining cards in the deck. Winnerdraws first. Kings and Queens If you have the king and queen of thesame suit, you may show it and score 20 points. King and queen ofthe trump suit scores 40. You may only do this if you are leadingthe turn (laying down first). Do it at the start of your turn.Leave the queen down and take back the king. Exchanging the 9 Ifyou have the 9 of the trump suit in your hand you may exchange itfor the displayed trump card. But only if you are leading the turn,and only at the start of your turn. The Run-off Once no more cardsare available in the deck, play proceeds a little differently. Theplayer who won the last hand lays down first. If the other playerhas a card of the same suit they must play it. If they do not, theymust play a card from the trump suit if they have one. As before,play continues until one player scores 66 points or more, or allcards have been taken. Card Scoring In Santase, cards have thefollowing values. Note that a ten is more powerful than a jack,queen or king. In other words, a ten takes a jack, queen or king.9's = 0 points J = 2 points Q = 3 points K = 4 points 10's = 10points A = 11 points Closing the Deck At any point in the game,provided there are at least 3 cards remaining in the deck plus thedisplayed trump card, a player may close the deck. To do this, turnover the displayed trump card. You must do this at the start ofyour turn and you must be leading (laying down first). Then thegame proceeds as in the "run-off". There is danger in this play. Ifthe player who closed does not score 66 points, the other playerscores 3 points for the win. Game Scoring The player who wins thegame scores one point. If the loser has fewer than 31 points (30 orless), the winner scores two points. If the loser has scored nopoints, the winner scores three. Games are played to any pointvalue the players agree on. Typically, the first person to reach 11points wins.
LUDO BY FORTEGAMES( Parchís ) 11.0.36
Two, three, or four may play. At the beginning of the game, eachplayer's tokens are out of play and staged in one of the largecorner areas of the board in the player's color (called theplayer's yard  ). When able to, the players will enter their tokensone per time on their respective starting squares, and proceed torace them clockwise around the board along the game track (the pathof squares not part of any player's home column). When reaching thesquare below the home column, a player continues by racing tokensup the column to the finish square. The rolls of a cube die controlthe swiftness of the tokens, and entry to the finish squarerequires a precise roll from the player. The first to bring alltheir tokens to the finish wins the game. The others often continueplay to determine second-, third-, and fourth-place finishers.Toenter a token into active play from his staging area to hisstarting square, a player must roll a 6. If the player has notokens yet in play and does not roll a 6, the turn passes to thenext player. Once a player has one or more tokens in play, heselects a token and moves it forward along the track the number ofsquares indicated by the die roll. If a player rolls a 6 he maychoose to advance a token already in play, or alternatively, he mayenter another of his tokens into active play. The rolling of a 6earns the player an additional ("bonus") roll in that turn. If theadditional roll results in a 6 again, the player earns anadditional bonus roll. If the third roll is also a 6, the playermay not move a token and the turn immediately passes to the nextplayer. Players must always move a token according to the die valuerolled, and if no move is possible, pass their turn to the next. Ifthe advance of a token finishes on a square occupied by anopponent's token, the opponent token is returned to its owner'syard. The returned token may only be reentered into play when theowner again rolls a 6.
We proudly presents Pool 8 ball - The world's #1 ONLINE Pool GameWith very realistic graphics of game, ball animation and easy touchcontrol, you will have an opportunity to show your pro-skills.Check it out. Invite your friends and you can challenge themanywhere and anytime easily. In game you will be ranked and you canplay with best pool players on same level as yours. Play many minigames such as daily spins, scratch, Hi-Lo games to get amazinggifts and up to 250K coins in game Don't miss out on the latestversions updated regularly !
Coinche & Belote 11.0.52
Belote is the most popular card game in France ! Download the gamenow and join to the biggest Belote Community. Make new friendshipsor enjoy with your friends playing the most lovable game by all.Play Belote Classic or Coinche free and show your ability to win inthis free multiplayer game. Enjoy a unique reconnection system tonever again lose your Chips and return to a current game. FEATURES:• FREE GAME - To Enjoy the game ! • FREE FULL CHAT - Chat freelywith friends and other players. Make a new friends. Meet new peoplefrom all over the world! * CREATE TABLE - Invite any player we wantor set password to play private only with friends. * LIST WITHROOMS - Select a room to play and play wherever you want withanyone you like. * RATE PLAYERS - Give your opinion after the gamefor your team-mate and opponents • MULTIPLAYER - Join to the manybelote players online. * ACHIEVMENTS - Five levels of achivments.Many bonuses for each achievement * LEADERBOARDS - Be the first indaily, weekly and montly leaderboard * EMOTICONS - Differentemtoicons for every situation. Easy access to all emoticon throughthe game • FREE BONUS CHIPS - Join every day to receive free bonuschips. * MINI GAMES - Slots, Scratch , Hi-Lo for much more bonuses• FACEBOOK - Sign in with Facebook to play with friends! • LEVELPROGRESSION - Progress in the game and become a pro of the bestBelote multiplayer game ! • COINCHE WITH DECLARATIONS- Find out theNo Trump and All Trump game modes. * FRIEND AND BLOCK LIST - Addnew players as friend or block players * MORE .... - Just installthe game and check yourself ! Have questions? Suggestions? JustContact us! E-mail : [email protected] The game is free to play,however in-app purchases are available for additional content andpremium currency. Please note that prices may vary based oncurrency exchange rates in your country.
Сека ( Seka , Трынька, ) 11.0.68
Играйте в Сека с друзьями! Покажите свои навыки и получитеудовольствие в самой социальной игре в России. Играть Секамногопользовательские онлайн сейчас! Присоединяйтесь к нашемусообществу сотен игроков Сека и играть с друзьями! В игре вы можетеиспользовать чат бесплатно, отправлять подарки получать ежедневныебонусы и многие другие сюрпризы. Play Seca with your friends! Showyour skills and have fun in a very social game in Russia. Play Secamultiplayer online now! Join our community of hundreds Seca playersand play with friends! In the game you can use chat for free, sendgifts to receive daily bonuses and many other surprises.
Test your skills, challenge your friends and have fun.
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