NRS Magic LTD Приложения

Bubble Poke™
Simple bubble popping game. Select 2 or more adjacent bubbles withthe same color and pop them. The more bubbles you pop in a singletap – the more points you earn for every bubble. Features: *Multiple game rules – check the settings! * Levels – Multiple gamelevels. * Multiple bubble colors support (4-8) * Undo moves. *Color blind mode. * High score board. * Bonus: Game theme live wallpaper & clock widget Bubble Poke™ is a registered trademark ofNRS Magic LTD
NR Shooter™
Simple & fun bubble shooting game. Create a combination of 3 ormore bubbles with same color to remove them. You will need to clearthe level with minimal number of bubbles. Awesome Features: - 1000+Levels! - Accurate and Simple controls - Continuous updates
Slot Machine 1.4.8
Slot Machine is a simple and fun game. This free slot machine comeswith 5 reels and multiple paylines.
My Work Clock 1.8.9
Simple punch-in/punch-out clock & widget for tracking the timeat work. Features (very partial list): * Overtime support *Multiple jobs support * Calendar update [Job Setting] add recordsto the calendar (it's recommended to open a separate calendar for'My Work Clock'). ONE WAY-SYNC ONLY. * Punch in/out directly fromthe widget * Quick day, week & month information * Simplereports * Send to mail as CSV * Add/remove/edit records * Multipleovertime and report periods: daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly andmore. NOTES: * If the widget stops updating: make sure theapplication appears in your task killer 'white list'. * Nomove-to-SD option: widgets do not work when an app is on the SD. Wegot many error reports from users so we disabled this option.Required permissions reasoning: *. READ CALENDAR EVENTS PLUSCONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION *. ADD OR MODIFY CALENDAR EVENTS AND SENDEMAIL TO GUESTS WITHOUT OWNERS' KNOWLEDGE == Required for Googlecalendar sync *. MODIFY/DELETE SD CARD CONTENTS == Required to saveCSV before sending by e-mail backup. *. FULL INTERNET ACCESS &VIEW NETWORK STATE == Required for bug report, analytics & ads.
Word Search 1.4.0
Classic, free, word search puzzle game. Train your brain, searchall the hidden words in the board and solve the puzzle. You canchoose playing easy, faster, 4x4 games, or challenge your brainagainst 14x14 boards or even harder. When stuck you can always usehints, but beware, using hints costs time.The word search puzzle game features (among many otherfeatures):- Multiple language support.- Multiple board sizes - Try easy small puzzles & those nearlyimpossible huge word search game boards.- Unlimited number of puzzles - A built-in word search maker willcreate as many puzzles as you can solve.Note: if you encounter a word you feel is inappropriate for thisgame, please send us e-mail and we will remove it.
World Clock & Widget 1.8.9
Simple and easy to use world clock application & widget. Ifyour location is missing, find a place in the same time zone &change the clock title: (1) Find another city/location in the sametime zone, and add it. (2) Click on the new city and select "EditClock". (3) Rename the clock title & description and click on"OK". Features: * Customizable widget background. * Multiple clockssupport. * Quick search for locations. * Displaying 12H or 24Hclock format. * Optional display of date
Bubble Blend - Match 3 Game 1.8.6
Fun and relaxing match 3 puzzle game: just swipe the board tocreate sequences of 3 or more objects, vertically or horizontally.You can call it in any way you like - candies, jewels or sweetsweet bubbles. It all works in the game - just match as many as youcan to clear the levels. Game features - Free to play - Bonus forgetting 3 stars - Small download - fast track to start playing. -No need for internet or WiFi connection - you can play offline. -Continuous updates with more action packed levels.
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