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Signature Capture
Binary Solutions
Sign by touching the screen. Electronic signature capture app andlibrary (can be included in a 3rd party Android app). In demo moderequires internet connection and saves/exports up to 5 signaturesper week. For PDF document signing check out our application 'Filland Sign PDF Forms'. For 3rd party app integration instructionscheck out our web site. For other commercial purposes contact usvia support e-mail.
Fill and Sign PDF Forms
Binary Solutions
Fill and Sign any PDF form containing AcroFields. Attach photos,save created document, view it, mail it, share it, etc. Select PDFforms by navigating in file browser or by clicking on 'Fill andSign' context menu item (shows up after a long touch). Signaturecapture capability depends on external Signature Capture library.You will be prompted for installation from the Android Market oncewhen needed. Produced documents in demo/trial mode are watermaked.*** In order to improve the application we need your feedback *** *Contact the support email instead of leaving 'it does not work'comment. Comments like that do not help us make a better app. *Request and vote for missing features on our support forum here: * If you are interested in becoming our betatester, having an access to the latest app versions even beforethey get released publicly and, of course, providing us feedback,subscribe to our mailing list here: * Forcustom tailored business applications contact the support email.Important notes: * check boxes are supported but most of PDFviewers on Android devices do not show them correctly. Selectedcheck boxes *are* present in output PDF document which can bechecked with Adobe Acrobat Reader on PC. * If you need a tool tocreate PDF forms, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office and freeOpen/Libre Office have that functionality.
Time Tracker 3.0.1
Binary Solutions
Time tracker keeps track of the time you spend on any task. Findout where has your time gone.Request new featurehere:
Weather Forecast USA 1.7.1
Binary Solutions
Displays 7-day forecast; weather watches, warnings and advisoriesfor any location in US (Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Guamincluded). Location is determined via GPS or manually entered ZIPcode. Forecast is obtained from NOAA web services where it isrefreshed hourly.
Elevation and Sea Depth
Binary Solutions
Displays elevation and/or sea depth in direction of phone. * 5kmrange * ele. pts every 10m/100m horizontally * directions roundedto 15° steps * location updates every 1km/10min * max. 500elevation charts per day Tap on-screen data to set directionmanually. Hold phone on flat surface and away from ferrous metalobjects and electromagnetic fields. Request new feature here:
Signature Share 2.4
Binary Solutions
Capture and share electronic signatures. Sign by touching thescreen. Press and hold for context menu ('View', 'Share', 'Rename','Delete').Depends on digital signature capture library. You will beprompted for it's installation later on.For unlimited signaturecapturing check the library instructions.For other commercialpurposes (like signing PDF documents etc.) contact supporte-mail.Application has been released under Apache License 2.0 andit's source code is available here: all issueshere:
Escapa aka Pilot Test 1.4
Binary Solutions
Touch and hold the red square. Move it so that you neither touchthe walls nor get hit by any of the blue blocks.
VAT Calculator 1.2.1
Binary Solutions
Calculate VAT for any country in the world.
Healthy Battery Charging 1.0
Binary Solutions
Make your smartphone or tablet battery last longer!Good range toaim for when charging a Li-ion battery is from about 40 to 80percent in one go. A bunch of tiny charges throughout the day isyour second best bet, and going from zero to 100 and then 100 tozero on a regular basis will put the most strain on yourlithium-ion battery. This app notifies you when to charge or unplugthe phone from your charger in order to improve the batterylife.For those who want to know more technical details about Li-ionbatteries:
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